Miles Schuster began his humble career in the quaint heartland of Southeastern Wisconsin. Being from the Midwest, Miles channeled his moralistic innocence, wonderment, and curiosity of beauty, using the exploration of his lens. With an inherent ability to capture beauty, Miles was self taught to perceive moments, the kind most of us let pass by, with a conciseness all on its own. His images show depth, inspiration, contradiction, artistic fallacy, and intense empathy, as if, the observer is able to experience a cerebral nostalgic bond with his multi-facited work.

Miles Schuster is a Modest, passionate, pragmatic artist. He has a unique ability to create beauty. His eye for location, subject matter, and disposition is impeccable. He is conforming and adaptable, as well as, able to demonstrate ascendancy when his jurisdiction requires. Miles has a passion for learning; Demonstrated in his perpetually progressive art. He emulates amusement, and whimsical banter, while being able to efficiently, and professionally, accomplish his work.

Miles has worked on a multiplex of projects, such as, entrepreneur work in: print, event coordination, and advertising campaigns. He has worked as a art director and photographer on many of his shoots and has been awarded for his work in industry competitions. Miles has traveled the USA in pursuit of the essence of beauty. He follows his heart and his lens. The “Miles Schuster” branding can be seen in numerous between the pages of magazines, publications and on inserts for various diverse musicians.